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Your Travel & Expense Management System Needs A Digital Overhaul

ZRO - Travel & Expense Management

Did you know, it takes 20 minutes to process one travel expense report manually? Not only that! Companies spend a few ₹1000’s on processing just one travel expense report. Imagine how many productive hours are wasted! Imagine how much money is spent on this manual task.

A manual travel expense management works like this- Employee gathers and compiles all her travel-related bills and receipts. She submits them to the manager. The manager approves (or rejects) them. If approved, this report goes to the Accounts section. Accounts department reimburses the employee after processing the expense reports manually. The process gets repeated if the manager rejects any of the expense reports. This was just one employee!

So there is a lot of back and forth, changing of hands happens just to process a simple expense report. Not to mention faded receipts! We all know about that problem, right! But aren’t we living in the era of digital transformation? Can’t we digitize this travel expense management system? Good news! With ZRO, We can!

ZRO provides you with a complete cloud-based, digital travel expense management solution. Employees don’t need to gather and submit travel receipts manually anymore.

With ZRO-

  • Employees can easily take a screenshot or photo of the travel expense receipt and upload it to the integrated Business Travel and Expense Management software and create digital expense reports.
  • The approval happens online. Once the employee successfully creates and submits an expense report via the digital Corporate Travel and Expense Management app, the report goes to their reporting manager where it is either approved or rejected in whole or in part. Approved reports go automatically to the Accounts Team.
  • The accounts department can give a sigh of relief. No more fumbling with physical bills. Since the upload process is online, accountants do not need to enter the expenses manually. It’s already uploaded! They just need to check – Approve or Reject…Online.
  • The best thing about this online Travel and Expense Management Solutions by ZRO is that employees don’t need to wait to return to the office to submit the bills. They can submit the travel expense bills anytime, anywhere! A lot of productive hours are saved from being wasted.

ZRO has one of the best travel and expense management software out there. It digitizes not just parts of the travel expense management system - but the whole of it.

Wide Usage


Discover a better way to manage spend. Peace of mind included.

  • Travel Ticket Booking

  • Hotel Accommodation

  • Local Conveyance

  • Business Meetings

  • Food Expenses

  • Cash Expenses


1. What is travel expense management?

Employees have to go to different places to meet with clients, businesses, prospects and other such people. Since this is done on the company’s behalf, the related travel expense is reimbursed by the company. This process of reimbursement is called travel expense management. Traditionally it involved manual reporting of expenses and manual data entry.

However, in this era of Industry 4.0, businesses are looking for a digital way of travel expense management. ZRO provides a best-in-class fully digital travel expense management system. The expense reporting, data entry, reimbursement - every part of the travel expense management can be digitized with ZRO.