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ZRO - Rewards & Recognition

Employee rewards and recognition system is one of the most effective motivators and is directly connected with employee attrition. As per a study, 63% of the employees say that they will not leave their current workplace if they are recognized on time and rewarded fairly. Lack of employee recognition is one of the biggest reasons behind employee turnover. With ZRO’s cloud-based, employee recognition and reward system companies can easily implement a culture of timely employee recognition.

ZRO is a unified platform that manages each aspect of the company's spending. Immediately after onboarding, the employee is given a Rupay-based ZRO prepaid card which can be a Physical Prepaid Card or a Virtual Prepaid Card.

With ZRO-

  • Companies can reward their employees with monetary incentives - directly credited to the employees’ ZRO prepaid cards.
  • There are no overheads involved. The companies can easily credit any deserving employee’s card anytime.
  • The employee can use the card to shop online or at a store. What's more, the employee can even cash out the incentive provided to his card and spend it however he pleases.
  • There are no strings attached. The employees can use the incentive anytime without any terms and conditions - like accumulating a certain number of points and then redeem them at particular merchants – online or offline.

Since this is a cloud-based platform, a company can credit its employees anywhere and anytime. A recognized employee sees the company as a part of his family feels motivated and helps to build a strong organization.

Wide Usage


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  • Sales Team Incentives

  • Star Performers

  • Milestone Achievers

  • Project Completion


1. Why is it important to reward and recognize employees?

Rewarding an efficient employee and recognizing their hard work ensures that the employee feels valued in the workplace. One of the main reasons for employee turnover is the lack of recognition of the employees’ contributions. Another important factor is lack of digitalization by manually rewarding and recognizing people – this takes time and is prone to errors. An effective employee recognition system reduces employee turnover significantly. Not only that, when the employees know that they will be rewarded properly for their work, they put sincere efforts to whatever they do. It’s a win-win for the company and the employee.

2. How do organizations reward and recognize their employees?

There are many ways of rewarding an employee and recognizing the hard work they do. A simple 'thank you' can often work wonders. Other popular methods of rewarding employees are:

  • Give recognition on time, every time. Delayed recognition has minimal value.
  • Giving them rewards without any strings attached – transparency is key.
  • Appreciating them openly in the office forum/or through emails.
  • Giving them more flexibility to work.

However, in organizations, irrespective of their size, keeping track of all ‘performers’ and recognizing them appropriately often becomes an elaborate and time-consuming affair. To solve this issue, ZRO has come up with a 24X7 cloud-based platform that helps organizations give monetary incentives to deserving employees on time. The employees can easily shop with the incentives earned or cash it out as per their wish.