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ZRO - Meal Vouchers

'Meal vouchers' or 'food coupons' constitute an important employee benefit option that most companies provide their employees. These meal cards are independent of other disbursals that come under the purview of an expense management system that companies have in place. As a result, organizations have to face the hassle of managing two systems - the normal expense management system and the meal voucher system.

What if you could integrate the meal card or meal voucher system into the expense management system of your company? That is where ZRO comes into play.

ZRO is an integrated expense management platform. Companies can issue, control and manage prepaid meal cards using the ZRO platform. They can also use these ZRO prepaid cards (physical prepaid cards or virtual prepaid cards) for other purposes like petty cash management, rewards and recognition and travel expense management. So, no more separate cards for separate expense management needs.

How Does It Work?

With ZRO, companies provide their employees with prepaid cards that are powered by Rupay. They can use these prepaid cards to load money from time to time and use them for different purposes. One such purpose is meal card management. Employees can use their ZRO Meal Card to buy food item from a wide network of outlets and from online food delivery apps or from supermarkets as well.

Features of ZRO Meal Card

There are many exciting features of ZRO prepaid meal vouchers:

  • The meal card works digitally. No hassle of managing paper vouchers or providing a dedicated Meal card for your employees. Zro Prepaid Card has multiple sections!
  • ZRO provides a cloud-based platform. Companies can use it to load money to their employees ZRO Prepaid Card anytime and anywhere.
  • ZRO Meal Card system has policies in place for disbursal which makes it complaint with statutory guidelines for Meal Cards issuance and usage.
  • These prepaid cards can be used offline using the POS machines. They can also be used online.
  • ZRO cards are powered by Rupay- India’s leading card network that provides the users of these cards with curated offers.

Businesses today must deal with too many complexities. Small things like meal cards should not add to these complexities. ZRO simplifies the entire process of such disbursal.

Wide Usage


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1. What is ZRO Meal Card?

ZRO Meal Card is an INR based prepaid card issued on the Rupay network. These cards are issued by the organization to its employees for purchasing food and non - alcoholic beverages. It is an employee benefit tool that offers a tax exemption to employees as per the provisions in the Income Tax Act.

Since the Indian government banned the usage of physical meal cards, companies now use digital meal cards. Managing two systems, one for meal cards and another for expense management is time consuming. ZRO provides companies with an integrated card and online system that can be used for any expense management tasks including digital meal cards.

2. Where can I use ZRO Meal Cards?

ZRO Meal Card can be used to pay for food and food items purchase at any merchant outlet or online which accepts Rupay Cards.

3. How do I check the balance of my ZRO Meal Card?

All Users of ZRO Prepaid Cards have access to the ZRO App. Simply download the App from respective app store and on successful login, you can know your balance along with real-time transaction updates.

4. What if I lose my Meal Card?

No worries! ZRO, has you covered. Simply block the card permanently via the ZRO App OR inform your HR to block your Card and get a new one issued. The available balance from the earlier Card will move automatically to the new Card.

5. What if I leave the organization?

.You can continue to use the card basis balance available and if your new organization uses the ZRO platform simply inform them, and you can start receiving funds from your new employer.

6. What if I forget my MPIN

Simply log in to your ZRO App and reset the MPIN and continue using your ZRO Card. There will be an OTP authentication for MPIN reset.