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Manage Salary Disbursal to Blue-Collar Employees Seamlessely

ZRO - Pay Salary & Allowances

When an organization has a large blue-collar work force, paying their salaries does not just include the compensation for their work. Ensuring that disbursals happen smoothly and in time is a process in itself. With attrition being high in this grade, companies need a system which ensures that the final disbursal process post computation is smooth and frictionless.

With ZRO, you get an integrated platform that empowers companies to issue ZRO Cards to employees and disburse salary on to them, seamlessly.

Traditionally, blue-collared salaried workforce is the one which has the highest attrition rate, and it is a challenge to get them into the formal economy while the nation is going digital on all fronts. ZRO’s platform ensures that blue collared workforce get access to digital banking solutions.

ZRO solves all the problems related to salary pay-outs to the Blue-Collar segment.

  • With ZRO, employees do not need to open another bank account. The employees get a prepaid card, which is topped up every month basis employee’s earnings, every month.
  • Employees get access to a mobile app which helps them make payments digitally.
  • The companies save a lot of time by using ZRO system for salary disbursal and help their employees go digital in payments.
  • HR procedures related to salary disbursement get streamlined. Both the HR as well as the Accounts can use the ZRO system to manage salary pay-outs effortlessly.
  • Companies can also free up resources for other core activities and save on overheads.
  • With ZRO prepaid card, the employees can make payments offline and online, transfer the amount to a bank account or withdraw cash via ATM. This flexibility is unprecedented.
  • ZRO card works on the Rupay Network and Card Holders have an insurance cover for accidental death.
Wide Usage


Drive efficiencies and optimize costs while maximizing employee satisfaction

  • Save time on salary disbursal

  • Reverse incorrect
    disbursals on-the-fly

  • Zero

  • Flexibility to go beyond banking hours/days


1. What is the salary disbursal process post payroll computation?

The salary disbursal process is the organized step-by-step process through which the company compensates the employees for their work. The payroll process involves creating a salary account for the employee with a bank, furnishing the docs to the bank and crediting the salary.

In the modern era, salary disbursal is done by software. ZRO provides a revolutionary way of managing salary disbursal. Employees don't need to create any salary account. The salary gets credited directly to their ZRO prepaid card with all the features of a Debit Card.

2. Can I build a payroll disbursal system myself?

. Companies know that payroll management is too expensive. So many small companies ask time and again if they can do payroll. Theoretically, they can do it themself. But the calculations involved in payroll management are prone to errors. Again, the individual calculating the payroll has to be knowledgeable about the tax implications. So, it is better to take the help of professionals for managing payroll.