Petty Cash Management System

Say Goodbye To Expense Management Hassles

ZRO - Petty Cash Management System

This is the era of Industry 4.0. Everything is virtualized. Why shouldn't petty cash management be virtualized too?

With ZRO Prepaid Cards, petty cash management becomes completely hassle-free. There is no need to hand out petty cash to the employees anymore for day-to-day expenses. The organization just needs to provide them with the flexibility of using ZRO Prepaid Cards.

Since petty cash is not formally connected with the accounting system, managing petty cash manually often leads to accounting errors, misappropriation, and overspending. Over time, the problem can amount to significant losses for the company, and the company can’t even notice these problems until it’s quite late.

ZRO is an innovative solution to the exasperating problem of managing such expenses and payments and it bridges the gap between the spending employee and the accounting department.

With ZRO, companies can deploy a smart way of managing petty cash expenses avoiding all these problems.

  • No more accounting errors. Every rupee spent is easily accountable.
  • ZRO’s petty cash management platform offers organisations a comprehensive view of how and where the petty cash is spent - and how much in real-time. No more misappropriation.
  • With the ZRO app, employees need not burden themselves with submitting paper bills, simply “scan and upload” paper bills digitally and submit expense reports on-the-go as expenses happen.
  • The solution is entirely cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere 24x7, 365 days.
  • ZRO has partnered with Rupay - India’s homegrown online payment network. Companies can issue ZRO cards to be used anywhere in India on ATMs, Merchant Payments and for Ecom transactions.

A company has to deal with so many priorities. Petty cash management should not add to these complexities.

Wide Usage


100% Control With ZRO paperwork

  • Assign cards
    across locations

  • Ensure 0%
    Cash Leakage

  • Assign Usage

  • Manage liquidity

  • Easy reconciliation
    of cash advance given

  • Hassle-free


1. How To Manage a Petty Cash account expenses?

Earlier, companies would manually give out a cash advance or transfer to an employee’s salary account. A dedicated person in the finance team had to keep track of and note down the advances given and settlements made. This was cumbersome and time-consuming. Today, companies use petty cash management software like ZRO to automate petty cash expense management.

2. How to manage petty cash expense transactions?

Gone are the days when the companies used to manage petty cash transactions manually. Today with petty cash management apps like ZRO, companies have fully digitized their petty cash management. ZRO Prepaid Card gives the company much-needed control over the way petty cash is used. Whenever an expenditure happens, the manager and the accountant get notified. They can either approve or reject the transaction.