Z₹O is a Market Spend Management Automation leader in India. On one unified platform, Z₹O lets corporations control and monitor 100% of their corporate spending. Our cloud-based business spending management platform uses modern technology such as AI, machine learning and mobility to help companies simplify their expense claims and reimbursement processes, improve time and cost savings. Attain conformity with policies and get rich insights into corporate spending. Combined with the latest technology, our complete stack of solutions, changing range of features and functionalities, increasing partner and collaboration ecosystem, best practices and implementation experience help you get the best out of spending management.

Each company operates on good cash flow. If companies don't keep an account of inflow and outflow of cash, it can lead to major issues, such as budget shortfalls. Organizations can monitor spends, minimise mistakes and fraud, and take decisions on precise and reliable data by using new technologies to automate the expense management process.

Z₹O provides strategies for the management of travel & expenses, fleet management, limited cash control, tax benefits management. Additionally, Z₹O Prepaid can also be used by employees for business expenses such as travel & Advance, Petty Cash Management, Rewards & Recognition, Salary payouts, festive gifting, Meal voucher, Vendor Payments, digital marketing expenses, Transport, Fuel, Lodging, Utility payments, etc. Z₹O stands out as an easy and successful approach to control and optimize the expenses of your company

Z₹O enables you to scan, analyse and store your important financial information to give you the best possible view of your business’ finances.

  • Control of end-to-end corporate spending
  • Quick and intuitive interface for the user
  • Best-in-class execution and support
  • Integrated compliance and spending analytics
  • Flexible approach and ready for the future
  • Across Systems Compatible

From the fastest-growing firms to the most respected Indian and multinational conglomerates, Z₹O's solutions are used by medium-size to large enterprises.

To register for a trial, you can sign up online and test any Z₹O solution right away. Depending on the size of your business, the implementation takes anything from a 2 to 4 weeks to get your account enabled and running. You should log into your dashboard during this period and begin adding administrators and employees to Z₹O. You'll be directed by our account management team.

A more intelligent alternative to cash advances and other corporate debit or credit cards is Z₹O cards. Z₹O cards are connected to the cloud-based cost management software of Electrum and can therefore be managed by any smartphone or web computer. Corporates can fund the cards, track card spends as they occur, set spending control limits, authorize the expenses and block/unblock the cards.

Z₹O cards are prepaid, unlike credit cards. Employee expenditure is limited to the fund that is loaded on the card. We provide what most credit cards do not have:

  • You can monitor expenditures before they occur, set spending limits, restrict card spending by networks (online, POS, ATMs).
  • Turn on and turn off the cards.
  • Transferring funds from one card to the other

Z₹O cards are identical to debit cards, as first the money has to be put on the card. But a few main differences remain. Corporate Admin has unparalleled visibility and control of the funds on each card in real time with Z₹O. They can limit where and to what degree the card can be used (point of sale, online, ATMs). Z₹O also enables you to actually load, reload, or even block the card in real time

The card has a store value of Rs. 1 Lac at any point of time. The annual limit of the card stands at Rs. 12 Lacs.

In case of loss of card, User as well as the Corporate admin have the authority to block the lost card themselves and new card can be issued. The funds in the lost card will be automatically transferred into the new card upon activation

The on-going offers are shown in the App, user can avail these deals and discount while using the RuPay card for payment. Besides that, card holders also get:
1. Free lounge access at the airports across India
2. 2Yr free insurance cover

Once the formalities are completed, employees will have to complete their Biometric/E-KYC. Post which they can start with the card usage

We are pleased to ensure that your data is covered by the highest security standards. We comply with the policies of ISO 27001 & our payment stack complies with the requirements of PCI DSS. To learn more, review the Privacy page and the GDPR page to understand how we use your account information.

In case you have any doubts or complaints while using our solution, please send an email to support@electrum.com or call us on 123456789, our client managers will reach out to you.

A real-time failover is given for your results. We will provide the same for you anytime you want a dump of your data.

We have a three-tier pricing plan, that is tailored for companies with a wide variety of needs. Each one has a different sets of features, limitations of use, and pricing. You could benefit from one of the higher plans if you are a bigger organisation with more receipts to process, or you need several staff members to have access to the account.

Z₹O operates on a pricing model based on SAAS. Each business case is different and the specifications vary based on the organization's required modules, the scale of operations, We offer a discounted model as your usage increases which ensures the cost continues to work for your business as you grow. etc. Z₹O offers a number of different pricing options for businesses, so you can choose the one that best suits you. Our three tier pricing plan – Starter, Business and Enterprise – are designed to support everyone from sole traders to medium-sized enterprises. In order to know more about pricing, you can get in touch with us at support@electrum.com